Dogs Worming Instructions

Dogs: Are diverse and vary in size, resilience and general health so we recommend learning the sweet spot for your Dog. Figure about 1/4 TBSP per 100lbs and adjust for size and worm load.

Start out with 1/4 of full dose, then let dog adjust slowly.
Full Dose: Mix 1/4 TBSP of Verm Oust per 100 LBs of body weight with food and add a little water or liquid to bind it together so the Dog don’t miss much of it.

Dosing times: 1/4 TBSP(per 100lbs) twice a day for three days straight then dose once a week, in morning and afternoon/evening. We recommend dosing 3-4 days before full moon and continue 3 days after full moon as parasites are likely to be more susceptible at this time.

Verm Oust should not be taken along with or at the same time as medications, drugs or supplements. If your Dog is on medication make sure it will not react to any of the herbs.

What if they won’t eat it?
You can mix with sweet potatoes or something sweet the Dog likes if necessary.

What if my Dog has a heavy burden?
Any animal with a heavy worm burden should be carefully monitored and watched. It is completely fine to start with a smaller dose and build up to allow gradual work. You know your animals, watch them and listen to them.

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