Chickens/Fowl Wormer Instructions

Fowl: Mix 1 TBSP of Verm Oust per 6 head with feed, and add a little water to bind it together so the birds don’t miss much of it. Adjust for bigger or smaller birds if necessary.

Dosing times: 1 TBSP(per 6 head) twice a day for three days straight then dose once a week, in morning and afternoon/evening. We recommend dosing 3-4 days before full moon and continue 3 days after full moon as parasites are likely to be more susceptible at this time.

Verm Oust should not be taken along with or at the same time as medications, drugs or supplements. If your fowl are on medications make sure it will not react to any of the herbs. Can be fed with pumpkin seeds or other natural wormer but not necessary.

Can this be used with Diatomaceous earth?
It can but DE has only been shown to be effective in certain birds under certain circumstances and is not recommended. It is used by most companies because it is a cheap filler not because it is effective.

What if they won’t eat it?
We have yet to find any birds that won’t eat this but if you do then mix it in smaller portions with something they really like until they adjust.

What if my birds have a heavy burden?
Any animal with a heavy worm burden should be carefully monitored and watched. It is completely fine to start with a smaller dose and build up to allow gradual work. You know your animals, watch them and listen to them.

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