Why Verm Oust?

Verm Oust is an all Natural Herbal Wormer Feed Supplement formulated for Horses, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Fowl, and Dogs. Our time-tested formula consists of a synergistic blend of herbs that work together to create a hostile environment for parasites in your pet while at the same time creating a soothing effect on your pets organs.

But wait… why would I use herbs when chemical wormers are so effective and proven?

Unlike traditional dewormers, our product contains no poison, and the parasites cannot develop immunity or resistance to it. There are two major problems with chemical wormers:

#1. They are poisonous and prolonged use over time damages your pet’s internal organs. In fact, spring colic death can often be connected to chemical dewormers.

#2. They create resistant super-bugs and parasites that become increasingly difficult to control. This is a challenge that scientists have been attempting to address.

Numerous studies have found that parasites are developing resistance to anthelmintic medications. One such study examined nematodes (roundworms) in equines and concluded:

“clear indications of emerging resistance against ivermectin and moxidectin, emphasises the need for fundamental changes in the way that nematodes are managed in horses”


So, why do we still use these chemicals? Because most vets and most pet owners are not aware of a better alternative, they are doing the best they can, and we can’t fault them for that. However, knowing the facts, it is important that we make the wisest choices for our own animals.

The same research paper recommended “limiting use of anthelmintics” – which means reducing the use of chemical dewormers.

Okay, so chemical dewormers can create resistant bacteria and parasites, but I have heard that herbal wormers are snake oil!

You may have seen a Diatomaceous earth dewormer and perhaps even tried one. There have been numerous studies on DE and its efficacy, and it has been fairly clearly shown to be ineffective in horses and goats. You can read a couple of these studies here:

However, we should mention that studies vary on DE’s efficacy in fowl. It appears to be somewhat effective in certain breeds and very effective in others. On alternative chicken forms, there are literally thousands of owners who successfully deworm (with fecal tests) using DE. Here is a study that found DE to be effective in worming one breed of hens but not so much in another:

It is our belief that DE can be effective on its own or when used in combination with other ingredients to effectively deworm certain fowl. However, it is not always effective in every breed and has been found ineffective in every study we have read researching horses, goats, sheep, and other large animals. That being said, it is not dangerous to feed, especially to fowl, as long as animals don’t inhale it.

Back to Verm Oust…
So, we chose not to add DE to our ingredients because overwhelming research does not support its efficacy, and we aren’t interested in adding fillers – because DE is actually very cheap and would be a great filler! We’re not here to judge, but it is our personal opinion, this is why it is often used in worming products: because it is cheap and adds bulk. You will find nothing but high-quality herbs in Verm Oust.

Each ingredient in our formula has been carefully chosen to fulfill a specific purpose, often several purposes. These aren’t the only herbs that can be used for this purpose but we selected them also for their synergy. The primary purpose of an herbal wormer is to kill and expel adult parasites, to dissolve and eliminate the eggs, and neutralize toxins from die-off. That is great! But most products stop there. We addressed those concerns, then, on top of that, we added two ingredients to combat bacterial and viral infections and aide in blood circulation, ensuring nutrients are reaching all areas of the body. This is absolutely crucial in creating a hostile environment for parasites. Parasites thrive in a depressed immune system and when circulation is low and sluggish. Chemical wormers suppress the system. Verm Oust aides the system.

The purpose of Verm Oust is not simply to expel the worms or even kill them but to create an environment that is not inviting for them and to assist the immune system, which discourages worm presence. It is a widely known fact that in a herd of horses, goats, cows. or pigs. you can test each animal and find widely different fecal counts. This is not random chance; it is based on the animal’s immune system strength. Worms will naturally leave hosts that have a strong immune response and seek out depressed hosts. Unfortunately, chemical dewormers compromise the immune system and negatively impact the gut bacteria, hindering the body’s natural ability to defend itself against parasites, which creates a spiral downward.

Let’s talk about the ingredients!
As we have previously maintained, our formula is based on research and analysis of studies over the past 100+ years. We have formulated each ingredient to a specific amount to create the best product we possibly can. So, let’s look at the facts based on scientific studies, because what you want to know are facts!

Wormwood is a primary ingredient; it is the first ingredient in almost every effective dewormer recipe of all time. It has been viewed as one of the most effective deworming herbs and no effective formula would be without it, but it is a synergistic herb, and it works best and most effectively within a correct formulation.

In a study on chickens, Wormwood:

“…had a significant reduction in faecal oocysts (95.6%; P = 0.027) and in lesion score (56.3%; P = 0.005) when compared to the positive control” – they also stated

“At the end of experiment, chickens trea-ted with A. annua leaf powder (wormwood) had the highest body weight gain”

The study finally concluded with “Our results suggest that A. annua leaf (wormwood) powder (Aa-p), at 1.5% of the daily diet post-infection, can be a valuable alternative for synthetic coccidiostats, such as lasalocid.”

This indicates that Wormwood is not simply a preventative against parasites but is effective in POST-INFECTION, meaning an existing parasite load.

It is also important that we share with you an important study of Wormwood used for malaria when coupled with a immunosuppressive drug. The results were that used alone, Wormwood was effective, but used with the drug, it was ineffective. The conclusion being, be careful using a chemical dewormer and herbal dewormer together or a herbal remedy and an immune-suppressing drug. Because they work against each other. Our goal is to aide the animal’s own system in doing what nature has designed it to do. Drugs are designed to suppress, and while they can be effective in suppressing infections and worms, they also suppresses the body’s innate ability to fight, which increases risk of disease and reinfection.

Peppermint Leaf – Often taken for granted and seen merely as a flavoring, Peppermint actually possesses compounds that are quite fascinating. According to the Journal of Phytomedicine,(7) Peppermint can improve exercise performance. It has shown promise in a study published in the Spring Digestive Diseases and Sciences Journal for digestive-related complaints and IBS.(8) The Veterinary Herbal Medicine Handbook by Susan G. Wynn notes that historically, Peppermint has been used as a carminative for colic and flatulence and as an antiseptic. The book also notes that it has been shown in some studies to suppress gastric spasms and may offer benefits for gastrointestinal-related distress. Peppermint has a soothing action on the stomach and the whole system, which is important when dealing with worms.

Gentian Root – This herb strengthens the digestive system over time. It works synergistically with Peppermint to aide in digestion. Gentian can be beneficial in cases of gas and helps to alleviate the pain. One of the chemicals in Gentian, called carvacrol, is a phenol which is similar to Oregano and has a similar effect of expelling worms. It also aides Cayenne in cleansing the blood stream and removing toxins. Gentian works with Olive Leaf to kill infection.

Fennel – This herb is also a digestive aide – and there is a reason we picked anti-parasite herbs with digestive benefits because the die-off and expelling of worms can be very hard on a animal, and also because improper and incomplete digestion attracts worms. It is like throwing your garbage on the lawn; you’re sure to attract some unwelcome visitors.

Our aim was not simply to try to address the parasites but also help address causes of colic as well. Especially in horses, colic claims a lot of lives, mainly because it is very misunderstood.

Fennel is used in cattle for flavor, but it also can naturally improve milk production and has antimicrobial properties.(2)

Fennel is also a good source of nutrients like Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium, which are important and in proper forms that are easily used by your animal.

Fennel may also have a small anticancer benefit as well as a strong protection against cell damage and assist in free radical cleanup.

Psyllium – Many people do not know that Psyllium belongs to the same family as Plantain – the herb, not the banana. This may explain why they share a few similar health benefits.

Psyllium is a soluble fiber, which is why we recommend mixing Verm Oust with feed and water and ensuring your animals have proper access to clean water. This compound can improve constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. People often underestimate the need for Psyllium in a deworming product. When eliminating worms, there is a distinct and very real issue of die-off and constipation inhibiting a full exit. Psyllium works to ensure that the animal can pass these loads as easily as possible. Psyllium is one of the most well tolerated sources of fiber available hence why we chose it.

But beyond that, Psyllium works synergistically with the Clove in a very interesting and special way. It actually expands and drags the parasites and their eggs off the intestinal wall and out of the body. Flaxseed can have a similar effect and is often fed to horses. If you use flaxseed, we would recommend grinding it fresh before feeding. It tends to be very susceptible to rancidity and this is why, even though it is an amazing herb, few herbal products utilize it. Psyllium on the other hand does not possess this negative.

Clove – This herb(spice) is one of the few compounds in the universe that can effectively remove and neutralize eggs from the intestinal wall.  Historical use of Clove for this purpose dates back thousands of years. For smaller animals, Clove oil may be the most effective form and can be used alongside Verm Oust – however, we freshly grind potent Clove just before packaging our product to ensure the best results. Most dewormers won’t use Cloves because it is expensive and they don’t understand how to capture the volatile oils properly. We chose the best ingredients even though they are expensive to source.

Clove can also benefit candida overload issues and it is said to repel worms.

Quassia – Works with Psyllium and Clove to rid the intestines of worms in a purgative fashion. While Clove dissolves the eggs breaking the life cycle Quassia works to purge the adult worms. For life threatening cases of parasite infection an enema of Quassia has sometimes been effective… however this is labor intensive and does require an experienced person to be involved and a Vet should be supervising.

Olive Leaf  – An herb you won’t see in many if any wormers for pets. But this leaf has amazing antibiotic, antiparasitic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. In fact in one study animals with tumors were given a Olive leave isolated extract and the tumors regressed and disappeared in only 9-12 days.(3) Parasites cause damage and can increase risk of tumors and cancer as they suppress the immune system.  Herbs like Olive Leaf are imperative to an effective wormer as they aide in killing infection and helping ensure the die-off does not kill the animal.

Olive leaf has a protective effect on the brain which helps to address or mitigate parasite damage to this area but also decrease brain tissue death by up to 55%.(4) It also may help inhibit spinal cord damage so has a very distinct possibility in use for animals such as horses involved in stress and sport.(5)

Olive leaf works very synergistically with our next herb Turmeric to combat inflammation. Where there is inflammation healing is hampered and hindered. It is imperative that the inflammation and damage caused by the parasites be alleviated.  We cannot cover everything Olive leaf does but this is a TRULY miraculous herb and this formula is not complete without it.

Turmeric – This herb(spice) is, as mentioned above, a potent anti-inflammatory agent. 1000’s of studies have discussed its many benefits from inflammation to cancer, to brain improvement.  Turmeric does possess anti-parasitic effects(6) but only at relatively high doses, unless used in synergy with Olive Leaf, Cayenne and Clove. You can add black pepper to improve efficacy. We did not because some animals seem to react to black pepper and much of the black pepper sold is processed in a manner inconsistent with our values. But black pepper does increase efficacy of Turmeric by up to 1000%. A fat source such as whole grain also increases benefits of Turmeric. You may add black pepper to Verm Oust if you wish.

Black Walnut – This herb alongside Wormwood deliver the first punch to the parasites. It is the pungency that immediately disturbs the parasites and makes them susceptible to all the other herbs. Continued use overtime creates a hostile environment for the parasites where they will seek an exit.

Much research in the past 10 years has discussed the amazing benefits of oxygenating the blood but there is still much concern about doing so safely. Black Walnut Oxygenates the blood which helps kill the parasites. Parasites, viruses, cancer cannot live in clean oxygen rich blood.  Black Walnut is said to be* effective against pinworms, ringworm, tapeworm, most of the intestinal parasites and many variants.

Black walnut is a potent and effective anti-parasitic but should be used in a formula like Verm Oust which deals with the die-off and aides the body to eliminate.

Are black walnut hulls safe for horses? Black walnut shavings can be toxic to the animals. Horses should never consume or be around Black Walnut WOOD!  But the hulls they can eat in a proper formulation. Verm Oust has been most heavily tested on horses and we have never had an issue.

Silver Lining, Wild Horse Products, Fiasco Farm, Equine Natural Care all use Black Walnut Hulls in their Horse dewormers and between all these companies have sold in excess of 100,000 units with not one complaint (that we are aware of) related to Black Walnut hulls.  Myths are often perpetuated as though they are fact by well meaning individuals. Studies on Black Walnut shavings are often passed around as proof that the Hulls are bad which is ludicrous because they are not the same thing. In the Medical book Veterinary Herbal Medicine only the shavings are considered toxic and it is recommended not to use moldy hulls. Horses should also not consume moldy apples but are fine eating an apple once in a while.

We highly recommend keeping activated Charcoal on hand in case of accidental toxicity, whether it be from a medicine, overeating of a substance or a form of colic. While charcoal is not effective in all forms of colic it will benefit those based in toxemia. And is considered relatively safe by the medical establishment.

Cayenne – This herb is underused, underappreciated and undervalued. It has minor anti-parasitic value when given alone but when combined with other herbs it becomes a giant. It aides blood circulation, helps to clean the blood and address heart related issues. It has a protective effect on the heart (according to much literature and herbalist research) and encourages regrowth (works well with hawthorn for this purpose)

Cayenne also ensures the herbs get all through the body. Many herbs are effective but alone will never make it to trouble issues, especially if there are any blood circulation issues. Cayenne has over a million cited medicinal benefits ranging from anti-cancer to anti-inflammatory to stopping internal bleeding – which can be a major issue with worms and deworming. Comfrey with Ginger is a more mild approach to internal bleeding.  Cayenne takes the effectiveness of the other herbs and essentially takes it to the next level.

Start Using Verm Oust Today!

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